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EndFest 1999 memories!

The End will be announcing EndFest 2011 on March 28th, so to get us ready for that day, I'm going to relive a different EndFest each day on my blog leading up to the 28th. Today I start the countdown at the very beginning...
June 10, 1999 was the day 107-9 The End changed summers in Sacramento forever.  The End had been on the air for less than a year when we started the tradition of throwing the biggest summertime party every year.  The temperatures were in the upper 90s that Thursday afternoon in June as over 20,000 concertgoers packed into Hornet Stadium at Sac State to see the very first EndFest.  1999 was a great year for pop music, and many of the artists responsible for that music were on our stage that day.  Many genres were represented like boy and girl bands (98 Degrees and B*Witched), party groups (Vengaboys), former New Kids (Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre), bands (Blessid Union Of Souls), and rappers (Tone Loc and Shaggy).  The sun was shining brightly when the show began at 5:00, but a little sweat wasn't going to spoil the fun of the concertgoers basking in the sounds of their favorite songs, although I'm sure there were many sighs of relief when the sun finally sank behind the Sac State bleachers.  When 98 Degrees wrapped up the show five hours after it began, we were all exhausted, but could probably all agree that this day would stick in our memories for a long, long time. Here we are, now almost 12 years later, and I still talk to listeners quite often that bring up the first EndFest, and how much fun they had at the show.  I'd love to hear some of your memories in the comment section below if you were there.  Here are some of mine...  First of all, I was a little nervous getting on stage in front of all of you!  That was the first time I'd ever been in front of so many all at once.  But there was so much energy and excitement coming from the crowd, that I quickly got over my nerves and had a blast being on stage in between the acts.  I had to do a bit of ad libbing, though, when Tone Loc inexplicably had to be dragged off stage right in the middle of Funky Cold Medina.  Heat exhaustion?  Too many drugs?  We never really knew, other than the fact that the music was still playing and there was no artist on stage!  So Billy Duran (who was The End's first afternoon guy, I was doing nights at that point) and I jumped on stage and finished off the song, along with some help from the crowd.  In case you were worried, Loc was evidently recovered quickly, because only half an hour later, I noticed him outside of his trailer/dressing room hitting on some of the ladies who were backstage!   Attaboy.  Another cool moment for me was a surprise.  Jordan Knight pulled my boss and I onstage during his set to present us each with gold records to commemorate his single "Give It To Me" going gold (I'm the Music Director here at The End, and we were one of the first stations in the country to play his song back then). To enjoy LOTS more pictures from this amazing day, click over to my facebook.  And don't forget to check back Wednesday for some EndFest 2000 memories!  In the meantime, leave some of your memories in the comments :)


03/15/2011 1:30PM
EndFest 1999 memories!
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03/16/2011 3:01PM
I was there. My first concert when I was 8! I sttill have the shirt and my autographs! Such a great show and I'm still listening to the end and go to these and the jingle balls all the time! :)
10/07/2012 9:30PM
My very first concert
OMG, I can still remember this Endfest 1999 @ the Hornet Studuim. The big long line of youngsters waiting for more than a day, since there was no seating. I'll always remember 98 degrees singing nicely near the end, Vengaboys, Shaggy, and there were too many to remember. I do remember the Moffats throwing out guitar chips but I am not sure if they were at the 1999 one or another one. I think Blaque was there too!
08/01/2015 11:05PM
My 1st unsupervised concert...feels so long ago
1999 me and my BFF about 12 yrs old happy as can be seeing all our favs, it was hot but so many cuties around n we got to stay out late... 1 of my best memories... THANX 1079
09/24/2015 8:51PM
Pictures please!!
Hi I've been looking for the 99 end fest online for pictures and kind up. Pictures don't work here on the site anymore
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