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EndFest 2000 - the wet one!

The second EndFest happened at Cal Expo on May 14, 2000 on a Mother's Day Sunday afternoon.  It was our biggest concert ever as far as number of artists in the lineup, 13 altogether!  The headliner that day is someone who's made a return to the music scene in a big way again lately, Enrique Iglesias.  Also on the bill was Jessica Simpson, Hanson, Mandy Moore, Blaque and many others.  Who could forget Hoku?! She was related to Don Ho if I remember correctly, and had her one and only hit that year "Another Dumb Blonde." Vitamin C's massive "Graduation" song was popular right at the time of EndFest that year as the class of 2000 was getting ready to graduate, so that song obviously went over very well when she performed it. I remember I brought along some temporary hair dye, and colored my hair orange that day like Vitamin C did, and then blue later in the night in honor of Eiffel 65! I had pink dye too, but unfortunately P!nk had to back out of the show at the last minute (I don't remember why). No worries though, she came back and did a Jingle Ball for us later. I'm bummed though, somehow I don't have any pictures of me from that day! Oh well. The only damper that day was the weather.  It was wet!  It started raining about an hour into the show from what I remember and was a pretty constant drizzle the rest of the way.  To me, it just added a sense of coziness to the affair, although that's easy for me to say since I was backstage and fairly dry most of the day! The rain couldn't quiet the girls who were screaming for the Hanson boys, who had just put out their second CD that year. Enrique was great, ending his set with a huge confetti explosion, and then Eiffel 65 closed out the night doing their hit "Blue" among a few other tracks.  Click on the pic of my backstage pass to see the entire lineup from the show.  For many more pictures from EndFest 2000, click over to my facebook page


03/16/2011 2:50PM
EndFest 2000 - the wet one!
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03/16/2011 4:28PM
End Online » EndFest 2000 – the wet one! :P!nk
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03/20/2012 1:49AM
EndFest 2000-Cal Expo-CA-The Wet One
Even though it rained, it was still amazing concert. Had lots of fun, great music too.
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