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EndFest 2008!!

It was another amazing EndFest yesterday out at the Sleep Train Ampitheater! It was our ninth EndFest, but who's counting?! The Jonas Brothers were great, heating up an already warm evening with lots of energy on stage, not to mention lots of pyrotechnics! I did my show live from right inside the main gates yesterday afternoon and right before 7:00pm, was lucky enough to get to interview them backstage. Kevin, Joe, and Nick couldn't have been nicer! They were all smiles from the moment I walked into their dressing room, and are obviously enjoying every minute of their current tour. And I must say that it's very refreshing in a world where an increasing number of "artists" are inexplicably telling us that girls are only as valuable as their pole-dancing techniques and that strip clubs are the place to be, to have musicians that actually act like role models that teens can look up to! Despite their young ages, the Jonas Brothers are much more men than all of those idiot rappers. Way to go, guys! Listen to or download my interview with the Jonas Brothers Here's some pix of me doing the interview! jb-0007.jpg jb-0018.jpg


07/17/2008 2:08PM
EndFest 2008!!
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07/17/2008 3:35PM
Wow I was so excited when they came out I was just wow I can not belaive how great they were it was my first Jonas Brothers concert to it was the best ever I was so so excited to go I got to touch Joe and Kevin's hand's :D wow that was the best day of myentire life I hope that when they come to Sacramento again that I will be able to meet them next time and Chris K your the best ever!!!
07/17/2008 4:12PM
Stephanie Mora
I completely agree with you Chris K! It was my first Jonas Brothers Concert ever and I had the time of my life. It was amazing. They were awesome! Thank you for having them!
07/17/2008 6:37PM
That concert was awesome!!! I went with my cousin Michelle and we had the most fun ever all summer!!!! BTW, Chris K your voice is so sexy on the radio!!
07/18/2008 8:06AM
Stop HATING on hip hop!
07/18/2008 9:49AM
Chris K
Then tell hip hop to stop hating on women. There's plenty of other subjects to rap about, whatever happened to originality?!
07/18/2008 2:15PM
i love joe
07/18/2008 7:33PM
The jonas brothers are great. i agree with Chris K, their a good refreshing band that diesnt "hate" on woman at all. haha
07/19/2008 8:41AM
Stephanie Mora
Oh I forgot to ask. Chris. K what was your favorite song that they performed?
07/20/2008 7:08PM
alyssa from the ville
chris...marry me. please. 14th concert and counting it was nothing less than amazing. feeling the heat from the fire...getting foam all over me ..1079 bring them back!!! :)
07/24/2008 12:55PM
this concert sucked they stink
07/24/2008 12:56PM
jk this concert was the best ever they rock!!!
07/24/2008 3:31PM
I went to End Fest and they were totally awesome! I love them all and I was just wondering what is your favorite song Chris K? By the way good to see u at the 1079 stand
04/06/2011 3:58AM
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