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Enjoy your year in jail, Lil Wayne! We'll try to miss you.

Mr. Wayne was scheduled to head off to the big house today to serve a year behind bars because of a gun possession arrest in New York City in '07. But he got his sentence delayed today because of a... wait for it... a dental issue! That's right, Lil Wayne will be going to the dentist on Friday to fix a chipped tooth, and will need time to recover, as argued by his lawyer. Ummmm, can't one recover nicely while contemplating life inside a 6' x 8' cell in one's state-issued orange jumpsuit? Evidently not, so Weezy won't be officially checking in until sometime in early March now. I'm also not exactly sure why he was allowed to schedule his dental appointment on a day when he was already supposed to be incarcerated, but that's just a technicality I guess. Either way, the music industry will eventually be without Mr. Wayne's services for 12 months. Whatever will we do?? Probably enjoy the break. And if that wasn't enough good news, there's more of a silver lining for society, he won't be able to "father" any more illegitimate children for at least 12 months. So enjoy your time behind bars, Mr. Wayne, try to find a square inch of your body that hasn't already been tatted, and we'll do our best to miss you. Wait a minute, can one tweet from jail?


02/09/2010 6:09PM
Enjoy your year in jail, Lil Wayne! We'll try to miss you.
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