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Get Him to The Greek

Seems like it was just yesterday that Forgetting Sarah Marshall was in theaters and had me wondering why everyone liked it so much.  Well, now some of the same creators have created a loosely-based sequel on that movie that makes me wonder that all over again.  Get Him to The Greek is about Russell Brand's rock star character, Aldous Snow, being ushered from London to L.A. to play a concert at The Greek Theater.  Joining him on this trip is the ever-growing Jonah Hill.  Brand's character is a crazed, drug-filled lunatic and Hill's is a straight-laced, stuffy Every Man.  This premise has been around for as long as we've had comedy and in the shadow of such "parties that got out of control" films like The Hangover, it's not even very creative.  But is it funny?  Yes it is...at times.  The movie starts off very weak trying to build the characters of the leads that we understand in the first five minutes.  Then it builds to some scenes that crescendo into cough-inducing comedy.  But sadly it ends on notes that are so flat and sour it soils some of the triumphs it had.  Jonah Hill is someone who must know someone powerful in Hollywood to continue getting leads because he's gone beyond being totally unattractive to almost repulsive to watch.  The look he's gone with for Get Him to the Greek is 325 lbs of unshaven ugly that's being held up by a 5'5" frame that waddles around the set like an angry little dwarf.  I know he has fans out there.  Hell, I even used to call myself one; but I feel like that was before I knew he was a one-trick-pony and apparently after he devoured all 150 lbs of Michael Cera.  Russell Brand, on the other hand, is more subdued in this film than he usually is but for a guy who almost showed off his vagina on the cover of Rolling Stone and is a bigger one-trick pony, it's still too much.  I almost felt like I was seeing a home movie of the two of them making the trip and characters, acting and fiction weren't needed.  Again, I remind you though that doesn't make parts of it unfunny.  I would say that the party scenes were perfect in their morbid dance of disturbingly shocking and fantastically funny.  The addition of cameos from notable TV celebrities to child stars keeps you on your toes to play a Where's Waldo game during the entire film.  However the movie ends with a three punch combo where all three jabs miss.  One ending is confusing, the other is uncomfortable and the last is just boring.  The film tries so hard to become what the Judd Apatow movies are and that is comedy with heart; a feeling of frat boy humor that can still make a lady go "aww."  Those moments in this film were forced and contrived.  It made me sad that a film that wanted to just be scenes of debauchery felt the need to muscle in the sentimentality so much that it had no place in the story.  If you enjoyed The Hangover but wanted to see what the party night scenes looked like acted out by two guys who play themselves better than anyone else could have, then Get Him to The Greek is the movie for you.  But if you're someone who feels like that premise is tired, uncreative and miles from inspired, then you're better off having one of those parties yourself. Get Him to The Greek (Rated R) Gavin Grade: C+

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06/03/2010 7:38PM
Get Him to The Greek
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06/03/2010 11:54PM
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