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Gettin' low (NOT high) on this 420!

While most other DJ's in town are probably celebrating the fact that today is 420 (I can hear their bong sound effects in my head now), I would like to take the opposite, unpopular point of view.  I don't think it's funny to joke about drugs on the air, so a little after 4:20 today I came out and said that NOT getting stoned is the better choice.  Yes, I realize that peer pressure can be tough, but hey, I went to Chico State!  You know how many parties I was at where it was being passed around and I had to say "no thanks"?  A lot!  If I can make it through without trying it, I know you can to, so hopefully you'll think about that next time you may be in that situation.  I know, I'm just some guy on the radio, why should you listen to me?  Well, if you're reading this you must like either 107-9 or me, so I consider you my friend.  And with all the bad influences out there on TV and in the movies, and of course in music too, I like to try and be a good influence as much as I can. On a related note, since we're NOT gettin' high on this 420, I decided to play Get Low by Lil Jon for Random Retro today!  Can you believe that song is now 8 years old (it came out in the Fall of 2003)?  It probably doesn't feel that old because it still fits right in with most of the pop music of today, especially the gettin' drunk (excuse me... crunk!) and goin' clubbin' lyrics that are soooo prevalent today.  Get Low was definitely a song ahead of its time back in '03. Thanks for reading this blog today, and I hope it may help you make good decisions in your life down the road.  Hey, you'll be a better person for it.  And smarter too!  Brain cells are a good thing :)


04/20/2011 2:09PM
Gettin' low (NOT high) on this 420!
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