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Thin by 30!/ Is this woman trying to kill me??

My trainer, The Amazing A has introduced a new element to my work outs and that is Tabata! Some might say Tabata is an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause 8 times for a total of four minutes.   I, however, would say Tabata is one of the worst work outs on the planet and it may in fact be the cause of my death. So WHY would I do such a horrible work out??? CAUSE I CAN GET ALL MY CARDIO IN, IN JUST 4 MINUTES. Can you believe it? It’s true. Now I wouldn’t recommend doing Tabata every day as you should still put in at least 45 minutes of good old fashioned cardio a few times a week… but why not mix it up a little with Tabata?!
I have continued losing weight and inches and I am finally seeing numbers on the scale that I haven’t seen in YEARS…Soooo, I guess it’s working! But if Tabata does take me life, please send my family money in lieu of flowers. Thank you!
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Thin by 30/ Minor set back...

I sustained an injury yesterday that will set my training back just a smidge.  What happened??? I was sprinting through the office in flip flops obviously!  I was given 10 minutes to find as many items in the office as possible that could be used to make an elaborate Halloween costume.   I was making exceptionally good time  when I tripped over .... absolutely nothing.  Electricity shot through my left foot immedietly and my only defense against the pain was to walk around in small circles with my hands on my hips repeating "I hurt my toe.  I really hurt my toe" over and over again.  This does not offer as much relief as you would think... Weird! A few hours later Mike brought me to urgent care where we discovered that my toe was not broken... just sprained.  Yes, I sprained my toe.  Which is, easily, the least impressive injury of all time.  I think I would garner more sympathy if I had bruised my tail bone or had a boil lanced. Long story short, I am wearing an ugly little boot because my toe is too swollen for shoes at the moment and I am taking pain killers every eight hours as needed.  Sadly, there was nothing the doctor could do for my sprained ego.
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Thin by 30/ Cheat Day from hell

On Saturday Mike and I had an awesome Halloween party with finger foods, candy and lots and lots of drinks.  So instead of trying to fight the feeling .. I decided to go with the flow and eat anything I wanted.  This is best known as a "cheat day".  Some people find a cheat day is a great motivational tool that gives dieters something to look forward to but I am steadfast in my belief that a cheat day is a HUGE MISTAKE.   While I didn't go completely crazy, I did kick the night of with pigs in a blanket (of course!) and from the second that pig hit my mouth it was all down hill from there.  I spent the rest of the night burping up sausage-y acid that burned my throat and tasted terrible.  I thought to myself 'THIS IS POISON!  THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN INGESTING HAND OVER FIST FOR THE LAST 29 YEARS?!'.  For a moment I actually felt really  bad about the abuse I have been putting my body through with the foods that I used to eat.  My poor body that has been so good to me.  My poor body that keeps working every single day and never lets me down (except for a little gallbladder issue in 2010... but no body is perfect). Finger foods were once a delightful treat but now they are my sworn enemy.  I am back to eating clean and it feels SO much better.  No more heart burn, no more upset stomach... AND I am looking better BONUS!
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Thin by 30/ Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes

Yesterday was a great day!  I am finally making progress that can be measured.  When I started this journey I sorta thought I was going to transform into a fit and fabulous glamazon over night...  In a shock to no one, that has not been the case.   I have been stepping on the scale for a few weeks now and showing very little change.  According to my scale I have gone down two pounds... TWO POUNDS?!  I have been working out like crazy, cut back on my drinking and eating clean and I have only lost TWO POUNDS?!  As you can imagine this was aggravating and above all else making me feel like all my hard work was for nothing.   I can live with an extra two pounds on me if I get to go back to drinking wine every night. Well, my wonderful trainer Alisa (who will be known as "Amazing A" from this point forward) did my measurements and THANK YOU JESUS my body is changing despite what the scale says.  I am losing inches, losing fat and gaining muscle.  YAHOO! image
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Thin by 30 / OK... I had a glass of wine


I have committed to only drinking Fridays and Sarurdays  (which I have done very successfully for about two weeks)  but I had wine last night AND tonight ugh! 

Now, I know life is going to happened and life has happened two nights in a row  (dinner with Gavin's family last night and my mommas bday tonight)  but I am still kinda disappointed in myself.  I am going to spend about 10 more minutes feeling bad about myself then I am going to pull myself together, drink some water... and  get over it.

Ps,  I burned just over a thousand calories today (if my heart rate monitor is correct...I have my doubts).

Pps, I didn't eat the cake!!!

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Thin by 30!/ Step 1- Time to CLEAN up...

The first big change I am making is eating clean. What is eating clean you say?!  Great question.  I TRY to eat foods that haven't been processed to the point that they are more chemical than actual food.  This isn't as hard as it seems I promise. I live by the rule, if I don't know where it came from (i.e. ground, tree bush, animal etc) I don't eat it.  Not a hard rule to follow but does require more preperation than I am used to. Here is where this is getting tricky for me... My family has no interest in eating clean which means I have to make two seperate meals every night and its a pain in the ass.  BUT I keep telling myself  'it's not their fault I got fat'... So if they don't want to eat my delicious ground turkey, black bean and cucumber salad then FINE! My newest clean treat is sweat peppers stuffed with turkey :) image
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Thin by 30! / It's time...

Today I have decided to publicize my new passion... fitness.   Why today? No idea.  It just felt right to start sharing.  My goal for this blog is to journal this journey for myself and for anyone else who is ready to make big changes in their lives, body and health.  This blog will not be perfect!  It will have misspellings, grammatical errors and rambling.  What can I say... that's part of my charm! I should start by saying I am no health nut.  I love fast food, I love booze and until recently, I wouldn't even think of running unless someone was chasing me... and even then they would have to have a weapon of some sort to inspire me to really try.  I allowed my self to get to 210lb and that's when I knew... somethings gotta give. At this very moment I am 169lbs.  Clearly I have been working on this weight loss thing for awhile but I have never really been truly serious or inspired... until now! Let the games begin!
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Hip Tip - Bold Shadow

Bright Shadow
Taylor Swift is one of many stars proving that bold eyeshadow can actually be really subtle. Dust your chosen color lightly over your lids and diffuse it with lighter, neutral tones. Try out Milani Runway Eyes' Beauty in Blues from your nearest drugstore for about $8.49.
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Hip Tip - Best Nose Piercing

If you are like me and have a nose piercing… there is nothing more annoying than having an itchy nose or a cold…Every time you blow your nose you just irritate your nose even more.  But I found the best jewelry for nose piercings and it’s called ‘Bend to Fit’...You put it in your nose like normal but then you actually pinch it to fit your nose and it lays flat on the inside of your nose so it never pokes you. I got mine at a kiosk right outside Nordstrom called Yasi Body Jewelry and if you ask for Tammie… She was great.
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Hip Tip - Wine Lips

Wine lips

This fall brings us a great alternative to the red lip...wine colored lips are totally it this fall. Everyone can wear this rich color -- no matter your skin pigment -- as long as you choose the right hue. To make this look more wearable, avoid an opaque color. Instead, opt for a more sheer finish for an effortless look. Try out MAC Lipstick in Sheer Plum for $15 bucks, it's a winner for anyone looking for a quick burgundy fix.
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