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Hip Tip - Best Nose Piercing

If you are like me and have a nose piercing… there is nothing more annoying than having an itchy nose or a cold…Every time you blow your nose you just irritate your nose even more.  But I found the best jewelry for nose piercings and it’s called ‘Bend to Fit’...You put it in your nose like normal but then you actually pinch it to fit your nose and it lays flat on the inside of your nose so it never pokes you. I got mine at a kiosk right outside Nordstrom called Yasi Body Jewelry and if you ask for Tammie… She was great.


10/07/2011 8:59AM
Hip Tip - Best Nose Piercing
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01/01/2012 5:31PM
thanks for the tip, Katie!
10/14/2012 9:07PM
I love your hip tips, very helpful thanks!
03/20/2014 8:19PM
get this
Really helpful
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