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Hip Tip - Cellulite

Cellulite...  Almost everyone has cellulite somewhere on their body… It’s very common to have cellulite on your butt, upper thighs and hips but some people have cellulite on their lower backs and love handles.  And it is almost impossible to get rid of…  But you can overcome cellulite by drinking enough water, working out as often as possible but the secret tip is bathing in essential oils. Essential oil permeate your skin and can actually break down cellulite.  So try it out…  You have nothing to lose… except cellulite. And for those of you that don’t suffer from it… the rest of us hate you.


12/01/2010 8:06AM
Hip Tip - Cellulite
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12/01/2010 1:38PM
jeff sola
Hello Morning show, GOphotobooks would like to give you free calendars that you design to give to your parents for Xmas.I herd Katie saying that it your be a gift that your mom and Dad could not bash you about,We also want to give a free personal Calendar for all your listeners for Xmas.Let me know and we can set it all up for your show.you guys are GREAT, Jeff Sola
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