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Hip Tip - Diet Coke Cake

In the pursuit of consuming fewer calories and still eating sweets I want to tell you about my favorite desert on the planet… The Diet Coke Cake! Here’s what you do. Grab a box of your favorite cake mix and your favorite diet soda… Then get your favorite diet soda…A lot of people use diet coke, I prefer diet pepsi and if you are doing a white cake you can use diet seven up. Mix the whole box of cake mix and one can of soda and BAM. You have one of the most delicious, moist cakes you have ever had and you have cut down on calories considerably because you have avoided adding oil and eggs. So try this out… and I will say in advance, you’re welcome!


02/02/2011 7:52AM
Hip Tip - Diet Coke Cake
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02/09/2011 7:59AM
World Spinner
End Online » Hip Tip – Diet Coke Cake... Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing......
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