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Hip Tip - How Many Calories Are you Burning??

If you are someone who has recently started working out… or you just want a more accurate idea of how you are doing. A great place to start is a heart rate monitor watch.   A heart monitor watch actually tracks your pulse and so once you enter in your personal info like height, weight and age… it can tell you exactly how many calories you are burning while you work out. You will get much closer to knowing how many calories you have actually burned then you will by just entering your info into say the tread mill for example.  I have found the most accurate style of these watches is the kind that includes a band that goes around your mid section… Most are around $50 and they are the perfect addition any workout routine.


02/25/2011 8:51AM
Hip Tip - How Many Calories Are you Burning??
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02/25/2011 7:12PM
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