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Hip Tip - Make Your Perfume Last

Perfume can be expensive, so you probably want to conserve it whenever possible. Unfortunately, some perfume scents seem to fade too quickly… So here are some tips to make your favorite sent linger longer.. - Apply perfume or body spray to clean, healthy skin for best results. -Use actual perfume instead of body spray. Body Spray isn’t nearly as potent as actual perfume. - Remember that the body has pulse points that, if sprayed with perfume, will better emit the scent. In these spots, blood flow warms the perfume and causes the smell to be stronger. Use this to your advantage. Spraying perfume on your chest, behind your ears, or on your wrists, can help the scent last. So try a few of these tips and enjoy the sexiness of your own smell.


01/20/2011 8:32AM
Hip Tip - Make Your Perfume Last
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