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Hip Tip - Mystic Tan

I have been perfecting the art of Mystic Tan and I think it’s time for me to share my findings. It’s all about the details. After you mystic tan, you need to get a good pat down ritual; Start with your ankles and move your way up your leg. Remember always go from bottom to top then get your arms (forearms and under arms are some of the most difficult parts). Then do your neck and the rest of your body. This is the best way to get a flawless Mystic Tan that makes you look perfect!


06/16/2010 5:39AM
Hip Tip - Mystic Tan
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06/29/2010 10:40AM
For best results, you want to shave your legs and exfoliate before doing any sunless tanning. This removes dead skin cells and will allow the product to soak into your skin easier. Don’t forget to apply a Tan Extender on a regular basis (after each time you shower) to retain moisture and keep your skin tan longer. Regards, Victoria Sun Tan City Let Yourself Shine www.suntancity.com victoria@suntancity.com
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