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Hip Tip - The LOFT

loft_SS If you are looking for a great store that gives you trendy clothing that isn’t too expensive then you have to check out the LOFT!!! It used to be the Ann Taylor Loft and it was full of higher priced pant suits and dresses but now they have lowered their prices and got some really cute jeans and tops as well as lots of awesome accessories. It’s quality clothing that doesn’t make you look dressed up, while still allowing you to look put together. And it’s age appropriate. Check out the LOFT in the Westfield Galleria at Roseville next to Nordstrom’s.


02/11/2010 4:10AM
Hip Tip - The LOFT
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02/11/2010 5:51AM
this comment is related to the mommy club topic discussed today (wanted to call but you don't list explicitly your phone number on your web page). You are not thinking in the context of social groups. Think for example of a "full time" football players' club... what are your chances of become part of it if you only do it "part time"?... yeah, exactly, good luck with that. It is like that with all social groups, you want to be with those that do the same you do, and I therefore it is logic that her application was denied. (she wouldn't have felt comfortable there anyway or if she's totally oblivious - like she might very well be - she would have made everyone else uncomfortable)
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