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Hydrogen Peroxide

Gavin got into a debate with our intern Tressa about whether or not it hurt when you put hydrogen peroxide on a cut. Listen to them talking about it here:

Tall Skinny Matt wanted to end the debate and volunteered to have the hydrogen peroxide poured onto a cut he had on his leg. Watch video of that here:


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02/07/2013 9:24AM
Hydrogen Peroxide
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02/07/2013 10:09AM
Hydrogen Peroxide
you guys are having so much fun..
02/07/2013 10:21AM
Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol is the one that stings. It's in the same type of bottle.
02/07/2013 10:30AM
No sting at all.
As a nurse,I can definitely say that hydrogen peroxide does not hurt when you pour it over a wound. It just bubbles up coz of the bacteria and that's it.
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