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Christopher K's Blog

I'm done with the VMA's

So MTV took a bit of a risk by letting a virtual unknown host the VMA's, and well, it blew up in their faces. It was going to be difficult for MTV to put together a show worse than last year's horrible mess, but they pulled it off quite easily. Their unfortunate choice for host was Russell Brand, a stand-up "comedian" from the UK, who also had a bit part in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He introduced himself to America last night by telling us to, for the world's sake, vote for Barack Obama, and then calling everyone who didn't racists. Nice.  He continued by calling our current president a retard. My friends, those are fightin' words as far as I'm concerned, and honestly I'm surprised Kid Rock didn't run out on stage right then and kick his butt all the way back to the UK. Hey Brand, next time you want to fly across the pond to insult our president and call us racists, do us all a favor and just stay home. The camera panned to the crowd while he was spewing all this nonsense, and everyone's expressions ranged from stunned to downright embarrassed. Ciara was just shaking her head, and Britney looked a little confused, wondering how she ended up at an Obama campaign rally instead of the VMA's. I've got some words for you, Russell. You were here to host the VMA's, not to preach to us about your political opinion, which was grossly out of place on that stage. But even if it weren't, we couldn't care less what you have to say about our choices for president anyway because you're British, and have no idea the issues we're facing here in the USA because you're admittedly too busy putting cherry chapstick on your schlong (a lovely bit of knowledge he informed us of later in the evening). We don't elect a president so you or the rest of the world will like us better, we'll elect whichever man we feel can best run our country, regardless of what race he is. MTV, excellent choice of a host... you really outdid yourselves with that one. Brand was easily the worst excuse for a host the VMA's have ever had. After his thud of an opening, he didn't improve.  Brand had nothing even remotely funny to say the rest of the evening either, usually just nervously recapping all the night's earlier performances.  The funniest line of the night actually came from presenter Jordin Sparks who fired back at him on his purity ring joking at the expense of the Jonas Brothers.  As a matter of fact MTV, I have a suggestion for you. Why don't you just pull the plug altogether on the VMA's? You have successfully managed to destroy a once meaningful and important franchise. They've been around 25 years, you had a good run. Just save yourselves the trouble and give up. Does MTV really have any credibility anymore when it comes to music anyway? They certainly don't play videos. Who are they to tell us which videos are the best? YouTube should put on some sort of video award show. Wouldn't that make more sense? I mean really, MTV picked "Piece Of Me" by Britney Spears as Video Of The Year. Now I love Britney as much as anybody, but c'mon, was that really the best video made this year? Either way, I'm done with the VMA's. If MTV does make the mistake of holding them again next year, I won't be wasting any more of my time watching.


09/08/2008 1:07PM
I'm done with the VMA's
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09/08/2008 5:04PM
I completely agree with you. The VMAS were a joke. And I couldn't agree more, MTV doesn't even play music or music videos. The channel is filled with stupid, pointless reality shows or dating shows. It's not about music anymore. It was a waste. Although I did enjoy Pink's performance.
09/09/2008 4:14PM
Danielle C!
Hahahaha!!! Chris!!! YOU STOLE MY THOUGHTS. It was awkward watching that guy!!! Gah! He SUCKED. Next time he comes to America- he should probably not be so.... I dont know...anti-American. I had no idea the VMA's were a political platform- but if that's where MTV is headed with them, then they need to shut them off ASAP. haha I kind of feel bad for Obama.... He got endorsed by a guy who not only wears SUPER tight jeans, a gross nest as a hair style, and more make-up than me- but also likes to diss on the morals some American's have!!! It was SO DUMB. I'm SO GLAD you wrote about it!!
09/26/2008 12:26PM
Art Vandelay
To be fair, Bush is a retard. But yes, the VMA's are not the most appropriate forum for political dialogue.
01/17/2009 3:05PM
you are so right. but the only thing that i liked was the jonas brothers performance. especially since i was apart of it!!! best night of my life!!
04/06/2011 3:58AM
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