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If you like burgers...read this blog!

Recently, at Facebook.com/JasonWakeUpCall, there was a discussion about burgers! I wrote a long comment and I have decided to post it to my blog as well. Feel free to comment and add in your own favorite burger places!! I've also included addresses for a few burger locations and links to all of the burger websites!! My thoughts on burgers: There are very few burger places that I dislike. In and Out is really good. To me? A room temperature double double animal style is AMAZING! I don't know why, but In and Out tastes best to me when it is on the warm to cool side. White Castle is my all time favorite fast food burger because I grew up with it in NJ. The frozen ones aren't close to the real, fresh ones. I'm a huge fan of the Habit. To me, the Habit is In and Out if there was such a thing as gourmet fast food! I mean, it's not gourmet, but it feels a bit snazzier than In and Out. No offense In and Out! I love you guys as well! Five guys rocks. If you haven't heard of Five Guys, you will. They started out on the East Coast and are now expanding to the West Coast with a location in Natomas. Eating at a Five Guys is great. Yes, the burgers are a bit greasy, but that won't kill you if you do it every once in a while. It's all about moderation! Recently, I've grown quite fond of Smash Burger. They are another chain that is starting to pop up here in Nor Cal. There is one on Sunrise in Citrus Heights. I think it's right past the Sunrise Mall going toward Madison. They are opening a new one in Roseville by BJ's. Um...what else. Squeeze Inn. Love it! I usually save Squeeze Inn for out of town guests. They always love to try to world famous Squeeze With Cheese! I heard a rumor that Guy Fieri said that the Squeeze Inn serves the best burger in America! Find the Squeeze Inn at 106 North Sunrise Avenue Ste. C1 in Roseville, CA, 1350 Harbor Blvd in West Sacramento, 5301 Power Inn Rd in Sacramento, or 545 Industrial Drive in Galt! In the "oddest name, but best burger" category, try a burger at Nationwide Freezer Meats. They are located at 1930 H Street in Sacramento. Nationwide is less about presentation and more about kick ass burger experience! What else...what else. I feel like I am missing some obvious ones. California Burger in Citrus Heights is on my regular loop of burger stops. Like most Americans, I grew up with McDonalds! I am quite fond of the Big Mac! You will NEVER hear me knock McDonalds! Ok....that's all I have at the moment! If I missed anything, and I'm sure that I did, please let me know!! Send me a friend request on Facebook for more about burgers and whatever else is going on in my mind!

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06/01/2011 8:33AM
If you like burgers...read this blog!
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06/01/2011 8:39AM
Burgers and Brew downtown is awesome. What about that new place Spin Burger, too?
06/01/2011 9:25AM
if you haven't tried Gatsby's (on Alta Arden at Fulton), you NEED to. they have AMAZING burgers!
06/01/2011 6:57PM
I'm a big fan of Carls Jr's Jalapeno Burger and Wendy's triple cheeseburger. What's a burger without a lot of meat?? :) I've tried Five Guys in NC and it was good but I wasn't awe-struck. And I'm just SO not a fan of In and out. I often wonder why it does so well. Hamburgers seem plain and fries are bland at best. Perhaps it's changed in the last few years. Had a couple of really great burgers at Island's! Yum! Great. Now I'm hungry.
12/13/2011 5:50PM
I tried Nations Burgers in Citrus Heights for the first time THE BEST BURGERS!!!
03/26/2012 11:58AM
Yummy (Jammi)
You have to try Flaming Grill cafe on El Camino.... It's a must!!!
03/28/2012 8:41AM
dont forget
Dad's kitchen.. fatburger..
05/21/2012 12:48AM
Squeez inn location
Wat about the squeez inn in my town Vacaville,ca
07/03/2012 8:17AM
Carl's Jr for sure..!
Im all about Carl's Jr, I would stick with the bigger bugurs and combo meals, and im not really in to the sweet patatoe fries :)
12/15/2012 2:09PM
In n out is beast!!!! I love their milkshakes!! Burgers are great too!!:)
01/01/2013 5:02PM
Mmmmmm, I absolutely love the Habit!! Their onion rings are boss! Love the burgers;)
03/14/2013 7:45PM
you should try willies burgers on 16th and Broadway totally better than in n out!
12/03/2013 6:15PM
Sun Pizza burger HANDS DOWN! For sure!!!
Must try a famous cheeseburger from the food truck or shop. Best tasting meat ive ever tasted..
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