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Is Not Turning The Heat On Child Abuse

We received an email from a 13-year-old girl who wanted us to ask the parents who are listening to turn the heat on because kids like her are freezing and she believes that it is child abuse.

Here is her letter:

Dear Wake Up Call,
Can you make a Pubic service announcement that says that parents need to put on the heat when it gets frezzing cold outside? My dad wont let us put the heat on past 60 and says that he buys us clothes and blankets and we should use them and we should stop complaining because other people don’t have homes and are homeless. Im pretty sure its called child abuse because me and my little brother (whose 7) are so cold in this whether. So if you could say something that would be important to me but don’t say my name because I don’t want to get in trouble. Im just really cold.

A bunch of people called in to tell us if they thought it was child abuse or not. Listen to the calls here:


12/08/2009 12:18PM
Is Not Turning The Heat On Child Abuse
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