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Is this really that bad? Miley teaches her lil Sis to "Smack That"

People are freaking out that Miley's lil Sister was caught on tape singing and dancing to the song "Smack That". Apparently, Miley taught her the song and the dance. Is it really that big of a deal?

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12/16/2009 3:02AM
Is this really that bad? Miley teaches her lil Sis to "Smack That"
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12/16/2009 5:06AM
I am a huge Miley fan and I don't think this a big deal at all. So she taught her sister a little dance its not like the kid was doing dirty dancing moves or anything. Everyone just wants to make Miley look bad and its pathetic....
12/16/2009 6:34AM
Say hello to the new generation of whores
12/20/2009 2:41PM
its rlly not that bad i mean ppl made abige deal than it really was butse should be doing that at the sme time
12/27/2009 4:49PM
wow miley really she`s a little girl! not a WHORE! come on she doesn`t want to end up like you. Sluty, wanna be, attention adict!
04/02/2010 8:11PM
OMG way 2 go Miley!!! once again you've poison the mind of yet another little . i hope ur happy... oh and i hope you fail in the music business.
04/21/2010 2:13PM
waffle man
04/21/2010 2:13PM
waffle man
05/06/2010 6:18AM
Give it a rest people...like you didn't know dances your parents didn't like when you were young. Every generation goes through what the "adults" think is bad dancing. Who really cares if she knows a dance...it's just a dance. There are a lot of little girls doing "dirty" dance moves...look at the young cheerleaders that are out there. So why don't you all just leave it alone.
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