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It's Complicated

Writer and Director Nancy Meyers has been giving us slices of upper-middle class American comedy with a pinch of family drama for almost as long as I've been alive.  She's given us What Women Want, the Father of the Bride series, Something's Gotta Give and others.  Now's she's given us It's Complicated staring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin and to say that it's either good or bad is...well, complicated.  The movie tells the story of what happens when a midlife divorced couple finds themselves falling in love with each other again.  Alec Baldwin plays the suave ex-husband, Meryl Streep plays the dizzy ex-wife and Steve Martin plays a nerdy architect.  All three are delights to watch perform in almost whatever they do and seeing all three share the screen together is so much fun.  Some of that fun might stem from the fact that it's nice to see a romantic comedy that's about ADULTS for once.  Personally, I'm almost 30.  It's weird for me because I'm getting to that age where I don't consider myself old but I don't care about the barely 20 crowd and their "romantic" problems anymore.  I look for complexity and maturity and layers to my romance.  It's also kind of nice to see that Meyers shows these people for all their mid-life glory; fat, saggy, greying, old...yet can still create some scenes that are still downright sexy.  She also makes the scenes very funny and very touching at times.  But it's that drama that just happened to irk me.  The funny was great and I laughed out loud, especially at some of the scenes with The Office's John Krasinski doing what he does best (maybe all he knows how to do) and that's playing "awkward Jim."  But the drama seemed puzzling to me since it became unclear who I was suppose to enjoy in the film.  As the movie unfolds it becomes apparent that the two leads are in fact very unlikeable people who don't really care about how their actions affect anyone else around them.  Hmm...sounds kind of like one of those romance movies about the 20 somethings I don't like very much anymore.  Perhaps I'm over thinking this and should just take it for what it is.  But in a movie that has so much potential and momentum, I just didn't like it loosing it's sense of characters by the end. It's Complicated (Rated PG-13) Gavin Grade: B

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12/31/2009 10:45AM
It's Complicated
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