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Jason Reveals His Alopecia

Over the last few months Jason has been losing his hair in certain places. After getting checked out by a doctor, Jason found out he has alopecia.

Here is video of him showing his bald spot to Gavin and Katie:


Listen to Jason talk more about his condition:


12/13/2012 10:06AM
Jason Reveals His Alopecia
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12/14/2012 9:18AM
Hi Jason, Sorry to hear about your finding of Alopecia Areata!! I'm sorry to let you know that no matter what you try to do with medicines its not going to work. If you only had Alopecia, then it might work, but since you have Alopecia Aerata, Its not!! Trust me, I've been waiting since I have been 19 years old, Prime of my life long thick beautiful hair, and one morning it all fell out without any warning in the shower. Devistated to find out it runs in my family, and Very, Very ANGRY!! Every single hair on my Entire Body Fell OUT!!! eyebrows,eyelashes, everything. Well, for a man I think its ok, Go bald, it looks normal, for me I struggle with it everyday, and have been like I said since age 19, I'm now 42, and I still try to see a little bit of growth, But no. I feel like a Freak everyday, always feel like somebody's noticing my wig, or starring at me wierd. It SUCKS!! Although I've tried to get help with my wigs, there hella expensive, and even though its a medical problem, insurances wouldnt even begin to help me out in the least with the financial burden I've come to live with. Human Hair wigs last only like 3 months, because I have to wear it EVERYDAY, It wears out quickly, and they cost close to $200. a wig. Anyways, I heard you getting your hair buzzed this morning, and I started to cry listening to you, I feel what your feeling right now, everyday of my life. So you need to ask the doctors who are RIPPING you off having you buy all the medicines, Why? They know whats in store for you.. Tell them to quit giving you false hope and get YOUR MONEY BACK!! Just Shave it All, I'm sure you'll look Great!! Good Luck Jason!! Sorry I didnt mean to sound selfish in talking about me, I just thought you needed to hear the truth!! Cheryl
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