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Jason's Letter from His Childhood Bully

Jason received a letter from his childhood bully. He doesn't know how he feels about it and has been putting off opening it for months.

Listen to Jason talk about what he expects from the letter and why he hasn't opened it yet:

UPDATE:  Listen to Jason open and read the letter:

Here are some images of the letter (personal information has been blurred out).

Here is a zoomed in image of the post marked date:

Here is a photo of the back of the letter to show that is hasn't been opened:

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09/25/2012 7:08AM
Jason's Letter from His Childhood Bully
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09/25/2012 11:56AM
An apology?
Have your wife open and read it. She can decide if it is worth you reading it too~
09/25/2012 12:28PM
Your message
Hi Jason, I too was bullied in school, I am a female of 47 now. My sister lives in your area and heard your show this morning. She told me that you had some callers call and and give you negative feedback on your message. I wanted to send you a note to tell you that they themselves had bullied people and have not asked God to forgive them yet. Their grief of how they treated others took over and they had to give you negative feedback (which is bullying by the way) to you. I think sharing your message is so powerful and giving. And yes these bullys do need to understand what they did to peeps so many years go stay's withe them forever, it never leaves you. And it's ok to be altered in some way because of our childhoods. You chose a career reaching out to others and helping others ever single day. I can tell just by listening to you for these few minutes that you as I do live your life everyday to make a difference and one day when you meet our maker at the gate you want to have put your mark on the world and even if your message helped one person stay living or happier with their life then it is sooooo worth it. You gave peeps a gift today so please ignore what the negative feedback was. I know that your radio station gives everyone the opportunity to share and that's great but, I wanted to make sure you didn't take it to heart. Remember how special you are and continue to be amazing. I also think you should call him back and talk with him so he can close the door as well.
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