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Jingle Ball 2008!! Interviews!

Last night at ARCO was another amazing Jingle Ball!!  Watch my backstage interviews with Jesse McCartney, Katy Perry, David Archuleta, and Shontelle HERE!  My Boys Like Girls interview will be posted very soon.  From Katy Perry's Mrs. Claus outfit (and her band as the elves!), Shontelle's tight red pants, David Archuleta rockin the vest, to Jesse's slick suit, there was lots of style on stage.  More random thoughts about the Jingle Ball: Katy Perry said she got David Archuleta's number backstage!  Boys Like Girls thrashed their guitars and drums after their set!  Jesse pulled a girl out of the crowd to sing "Oxygen" to, and needless to say she was very happy about it!  Yes, David's dad was there too! Half the fun of our big shows for me is getting to meet and hang out with all of you!  I was out at our tent talking to many of you before and after the show (when it was gettin' pretty cold!), so if I got to meet you last night, what's up??  Definitely leave some comments here and let me know how you liked the Jingle Ball!


12/04/2008 1:14PM
Jingle Ball 2008!! Interviews!
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12/04/2008 3:24PM
I had a ton of fun. Especially with all the screaming,yelling,chanting etc just for David Archuleta! One thing I'd like to say is that next time you guys should have a camera following the performer while they perform and have it shown on the screen thatway lower level and upper level people can have a better view of the performer. Just a opinion.
12/04/2008 4:23PM
i had tons of fun! i wish i scored meet and greet though ahaha. but it was awesome i was on the floor and just having a blast rocking out to all the songs =] so many unexpected things happened! it was crazy! yea i agree w/ above to have their performances on the screen at the same time [even though i was pretty close im still kind of blind] thanks for asking david my birthday question! i finally heard the answer because yesterday i squealed and didn't hear it lol. of course i'd totally throw him a birthday party if he'd be down with it! haha you read my "david is my hero" sign out loud =] i wish i talked to you but i was with friends and the line was moving lol. next time haha
12/04/2008 7:52PM
Hi Chris and all the 107.9 gang!! Thank you for inviting David Archuleta to this year Jingle Ball. He really rocked Arco! That kid can sure sing!!!I'm an older fan and I really enjoyed it tremendously!! I agree with the other commenters. next time show the performers on the big screens for us older folks (I'm not that old, haha) who can't see that far! I do have ear damage though. BTW...When are you going to play David's new single "A Litlle Too Not Over You?? Love his live performance of the song!! It sounds like another hit!
03/08/2009 6:18PM
Hey Chris! I'm late here, but the Jingle Ball 08 was awesome! David Archuleta is my favorite singer, so when you guys announced the lineup months before I was so excited. I have never been to a Jingle Ball before, but I had to go because of David haha I was in on the floor, Row 7 center so my view was great. Joe Breezy coming out in his underwear was a little scary, but other than that I had a great time! We were all waiting in line before the doors opened and we could hear you interviewing David so a lot of us were having tons of fun cheering outside. i hope this years will be just as fun! :D
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