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Justin Bieber look-alike confuses people in bar!

Cops were called to an Maryland bar over the weekend because someone claimed Justin Bieber was inside drinking!  Justin is, of course, only 16, and not yet allowed inside such establishments.  When the police arrived at the Mug & Mallet Bar in Ocean City, they found a woman named Katie who's a dead ringer for the pop star!  Haha!  She claims she gets mistaken for Justin all the time. On a side note, do you know what Sacramento's connection to Ocean City, MD is?  Well if you're heading into Sacramento on Interstate 80, you may notice a mileage sign around West Sac when it turns into Highway 50.  On that mileage sign it says Ocean City, MD 3073 miles!  In other words, if you drove east on Highway 50 as far as you could go, you would end up at the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City, MD!


06/17/2010 12:23PM
Justin Bieber look-alike confuses people in bar!
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06/20/2010 9:08PM
i cant believe someone would say that ...I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER SOO MUCH ...I HAVE OVER 426 POSTERS OF HIM IN MY ROOM...LOVE, SARA
07/09/2010 5:24PM
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07/20/2010 9:45PM
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11/29/2010 12:31PM
This is rllllyyyyyyy stupid and everyone knows this looks nothing like justin beiber
03/02/2011 12:12PM
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03/29/2011 3:45PM
Whatteeeeeef***k? This looks NOTHING like him!
05/30/2011 9:14AM
Not to be mean but, shes kinda chubby and Justin is kinda scrawny.
06/24/2011 10:39PM
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