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As the mother of a child with serious health issues (Abbey 2, Congenital Heart Disease), I am regularly reminded of how very precious my little ones are; as well as how truly blessed I am to have a perfectly healthy child (Emma 7).  However, I am not immune to the frustrations and annoyances of motherhood. I think it's safe to say that many of us mom's feel overworked and under-appreciated at times.  A lot of us work full time, drive the car pool and plan everything from birthday parties to vacations.  We handle doctor appointments, haircuts, boo-boos and breakfast; and most of the time without ever getting a simple “thank you!” So the last thing most of us want to do is sign up for another “thing” to do for our kids. HOWEVER, small acts of kindness toward your children can not only make them happy and improve their self esteem, it can also dramatically improve their behavior. Use this calendar as a guide and idea starter… It will put a smile on your kiddo's face and may just do the same for you.


Sunday Read to your child and let them read to you. Monday Compliment and encourage your child at least twice a day. Tuesday Start a meal tradition: Taco Tuesday. Wednesday Listen to their stories and dreams. Thursday Praise them for what they have done well at least twice a day. Friday Sing a silly song to them. Saturday Color a special picture together and hang it on the fridge.
Go for a family bike ride. Set aside time every day to talk about their friends.  Ask to hear funny stories. Ask your child if YOU can play with their toys. Let your child overhear you telling someone how great they are. Take them to the zoo. Let them be the tour guide. Help your child pic out old toys to donate. Then praise them for their generous spirit. Play your child’s favorite game.
Make cookies with your child and take them to the neighbors. Hug your child for no reason. Turn up the radio and dance together. Do something relaxing for yourself. Your child will benefit. Take your child to visit a fire station. Let them choose a movie for the family to watch. Take a long walk together and jump in puddles.
Teach your child words to describe their feelings. Do a craft project. Enroll them in a pottery class that you can all attend. Ask your child what was their favorite part of the day. Tell your child “I love you”. Put a tasty treat in your child’s lunch. Have a carpet picnic.  Spread out a blanket in your living room and enjoy a picnic in doors
Make dinner together as a family. Ask your child what they learned today. Plan surprise play date. Go through your child’s baby pictures with them. Make a fort. Teach your child please and thank you in another language. Encourage your child to make a macaroni necklace and wear it.


02/15/2011 5:11AM
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02/16/2011 7:17AM
Dear Katie, I am so touch by what you said in this, "Act of kindness". I am a mother of 3, (a 16yr old, 12 and 10). On Oct. 20, 2010, my 12yrs. old suddenly past away, with no warning or no sign. She didn't have any health issue. She woke up to get ready for school, clasp and that was it. The doctor told us that her heart has stopped. Today, I still don't have answer to what really is the caused. Today, I have regrets. Regrets that I didn't get one more second with her, regrets that I was working too hard and not having enough time to just spend with them, even if to do nothing at all. Regrets that I wasn't able to protect her or give her the world, like a mother should. If I learn anything from my daughter's sudden death, I learned that, in these day in age, we need to slow down, smell the flower, be with our family, life don't wait for anyone. Because in a blink of an eye, that special someone you've been putting off hold to find that someday to take time off to be with can be gone just like that. You will live with regrets,just as I am doing. I just want to say, what you are doing is exactly what every mom or dad should do. Slow down and enjoy every moment of every second with your love one. Sincerely, a mother in pain.
02/23/2011 10:21AM
Jamie Perez
Hi Katie, not sure if u remember me but we met at sunsplash last summer when I recognized your voice! Lol, anyways I really like this. My son is 6 and has ADHD, I love him dearly but can be a real test to my patience but I notice the more calm I am the more calm he is. Thank you for reminding us to appreciAte our wealthy children, I'm so glad ur Back full time!
03/04/2011 7:03AM
Hey Ladies, Please check your emails. I have responded to both of you. Bao, your story has made ME a better mother. I am thinking of you often. XOXO Katie/ Wake Up Call
03/10/2011 2:39PM
Tianah Land
hey ! i saw you and your daughter before.. you were always at my little sister Mia's soccer games ! =) your really nice
03/18/2011 7:19AM
I’m also a mother of a child with serious multiple defects, including Congenital Heart Disease. My daughter’s 22 months old and already had 3 major surgeries since birth. 2 of them were open heart procedures. She will eventually need another open heart surgery for the Fontan in a year or so. As an anxious mother, I know exactly what you’re going through. It’s hard to hold back tears, knowing every operation will be as scary as the first one. You and your family will be in my prayers. May God give you guys the strength to remain strong throw this storm. Take care!
04/14/2011 3:04PM
Katie, I caught the story on your daughter on Fox 40 tonight. What a wonderful advance in medicine and what a blessing to have physicians who have made treatment of congential heart defects possible. I had a baby in 1983 who was born with the same defect as Abbey I think. Hypoplastic Left Heart. It was referred to as "half a heart" at that time. Thought it tugs at my heart to see that there is treatment for the defect that claimed my daughter, I also rejoice for parents in this day and age because they will not have to experience the loss of a child. You sound like a wonderful mother, I don't need to tell you to enjoy your children. Continue to hold them close. Blessings, Sally Auburn
04/15/2011 4:22AM
Dearest Sally, I am so sorry to hear that you lost your daughter to this awful condition. Yes, Abbey has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome like your daughter. I have spent a lot of time thinking of the parents who's children were born with this condition prior to the medical advances that will now keep these kids alive. That must be so awful to know that had she been born just a few years later she might still be here. It makes me ache for you and all those other mothers. My own mother was born with heart disease and then my grandmother had another daughter right after my mother that had HLHS... this was back in 1957 so she only lived a few days. I am speaking at a fund raiser for the American Heart Association tomorrow and all the funds raised will go to congenital heart disease research... Hopefully there will be a day when the term "heart mom" doesn't exist... and babies will only be born with strong healthy and whole hearts. Thank you for taking the time to write me. It means so much to me! XOXO -Katie
04/15/2011 4:25AM
Janice, The procedure just had was the Fontan. If you ever have any questions about it or just want to hear about Abbey's experience please contact me. I am happy to tell you all about it. Hang in there Momma. The stress and fear is overwhelming but these special kids are totally worth it... as I am sure you know!!! XOXO Katie
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