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Katie's Ex Ruined 50 Shades of Grey

A poll was taken to see what women saw when they pictured Christian Grey, the star of the book 50 Shades of Grey. A sketch artist drew the results of that poll:

Katie thinks that her ex-husband looks exactly like this Christian Grey and it has ruined the books for her.

Listen to her talk about it here:

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07/12/2012 8:34AM
Katie's Ex Ruined 50 Shades of Grey
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07/12/2012 9:06AM
have no fear Katie!
That is insane Katie! I would probably die of sadness if it was me because those are my favorite books and I have already read them 4x. However... If this will mean anything to you, this drawing of christain grey is ALL WRONG!!! He is just not handsome enough. When I look at.this picture I dont feel a blush in my cheeks or a need to stare with a wandering mind leading me into the oh so sexy "red room of pain". his sketch os actually disappointing!
07/14/2012 7:12PM
Don't worry about it....
Katie, the picture is all wrong. The sketch doesn't even do Christian justice. Your ex is not even in the running. Don't worry.
07/21/2012 7:41PM
heck yes katie this guy looks just like your ex...but don't worry about it b.c he was lucky to have such a hottie like you and stupid to lose you!!
08/08/2012 4:46PM
I'm so sorry Kate!!! BUT, honestly I think this artists rendering is NOT HOT ENOUGH!!!!!
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