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Katie's Leg Pic

While she was out sick, Katie posted a photo of herself wearing knee-high socks and really short shorts with the hashtags #sicksuck and #missmybuddyGavin.

Jason and Gavin think the photo is very risque and can easily be seen as sexual. Katie thinks it is totally innocent.
Here is the picture, let us know what you think:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the photo:

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11/06/2012 7:19AM
Katie's Sick Photo
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11/06/2012 8:37AM
a little bit...
Okay, I can see how it can be viewed provacatively. The pic conjurs the same draw for guys as miniskirts and short shorts... Bare legs calling you in! But obviously there's far more risque stuff on the web, and its fairly evident that she wasn't posing... I think the big thing is the illusion of knowing Katie. If you were just to stumble upon this pic while surfing, it'd cause a collective "meh". But since people who listen to you guys feel they know Katie, this is kind've an intimate look which breeds more of a "yeah baby!"
11/07/2012 8:38AM
Definitely risque and sexual. But hot as hell
11/07/2012 8:41AM
Definitely risque and sexual. But hot
11/07/2012 2:36PM
expecting more
after hearing the conversation this morning i was expecting a lot more..If this rated sexual for you then you were probably already fantasizing about her and really didn't need much to fire up your imagination.
11/13/2012 3:13PM
Katie is so hot
Sexy as heck...my mind definitely went sexual when I saw those nice thighs.
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