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Lady Gaga's Eggs!!

Oh, this is delicious!! Evidently it wasn't a giant egg Gaga rolled into the Grammys in. Here's how her choreographer and creative director, Laurieann Gibson, described it today to Access Hollywood. And by the way, she's not very happy at us for calling it in an egg! Enjoy this... “It’s actually a vessel, she was incubating. In birthing the new race, she had to go through a DNA transition, so before she was born, we had to actually transfer her in a med box to keep the process going. The vessel represents the incubation period. The time where you’ve got to deal with the pain, let it go… It’s a representation of what people feel every day. What really shocks me is that [the media is] trying to break this thing down. You can’t break down greatness, you’re either in or your not!” Love it! Gaga, you are obviously far more artistic than we could have possibly imagined. haha


02/15/2011 2:03PM
Lady Gaga's Eggs!!
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