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Lady Gaga Offends Mexican Rights Groups

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" single is catching heat before it even drops and it's all because of one word in the lyrics: "chola". A spokesperson for a Mexican rights group says the world “Chola” is harmful… He said, "These are stereotypical terms. 'Chola' is as derogatory as the 'N' word when referring to a Hispanic female."


02/09/2011 7:40AM
Lady Gaga Offends Mexican Rights Groups
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02/10/2011 3:06AM
Rae Z. Pruitt
They must also learn to recognize that-and as the Dali Lama who believes in Enlightenment and all of life is sacred even noted-the word jihad has been misused and is traditionally defensive. andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com Colin Powell had been bugged by many things in his partys campaign this fall the insidious merging of rumors that Barack Obama was Muslim with intimations that he was a terrorist sympathizer the assertion that Sarah Palin was ready to be president the uniformed sheriff who introduced Governor Palin by sneering about Barack Hussein Obama the scorn with which Republicans spit out the words community organizer the Republicans argument that using taxes to spread the wealth was socialist when the purpose of taxes is to spread the wealth Palins insidious notion that small towns in states that went for W. Above all we can hope that will enter a period where it brings to the rather than inflaming tensions across the globe. With these words a local pastor began his sermon in the wake of Barack Obamas recent victory in the elections for President.
03/15/2011 8:10PM
Mexician rights | TestiCularradio
[...] End Online » Lady Gaga Offends Mexican Rights GroupsFeb 9, 2011 … A spokesperson for a Mexican rights group says the world “Chola” is harmful… He said, “These are stereotypical terms. … [...]
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