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Lindsey Lohan...looking for love

The website FunnyOrDie.com has people talking with their latest video starring Lindsey Lohan.  Check it out! One thing is for sure, this at least shows that Lindsey can laugh at herself.  I often say on our show that we only see what the tabloids want us to see when it comes to celebrity lives.  We don't know what these people are really like.  We don't know the details. Is Lindsey Lohan a crazy person who is one day away from living in a gutter?  Maybe.  Is she just a young girl who likes to party, screws up at work sometimes, and has nasty break ups?  If so, how close is that to the average girl in her early 20's?  Hell, that's most people in their early 20's.  Guess what?  Most people grow out of it! Sorry for the rant.  I hope you liked the video!


04/14/2009 4:12PM
Lindsey Lohan...looking for love
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