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Me + Britney back in the day!!

Yes, here is Britney and I from way back!!!  Aren't we cute??  This was in January of 1999, the week BEFORE her first album came out, when she was in Sac opening up for NSYNC at the Memorial Auditorium.  She had just turned 17 the month before... at this point no one had any idea how big she would become!!  And by the way, what the heck am I wearing??  Remember the swing craze of the late 90s?  I think that's what I was trying to pull off with the suspenders and tie.  Good thing you can't see my shoes, because I'm pretty sure those were pretty wild too!  I found another pic of me and Brit (not quite as embarrassing) which I'll post on Friday, so check back.  3 days til Britney at ARCO!!!


04/08/2009 1:38PM
Me + Britney back in the day!!
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04/08/2009 1:42PM
Wow!!! Where were you guys when this picture was taken, and what were you wearing????
04/08/2009 1:43PM
I wish i could meet Brittany!
04/08/2009 1:43PM
WOW, That looks nothing like you or Brittney. Omg!!!! I have got to forward this to my friends. They will get a kick out of this! Not you but how diff. Brittney looks and she does not look anything like she acts like in that picture!
04/08/2009 1:44PM
04/20/2009 7:21PM
i was at that show! its so neat to say i saw britney before she was even famous. oh the 90's, how wonderful they were.
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