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Men You Shouldn't Date

MSN came out with a list of the "6 Men You Shouldn't Date." Here are the type of guys they say you should avoid: 1. Rebound Guy Guys always comparing you to the ex like how you are in bed, how your butt looks in jeans. Real mature stuff. 2. Disappearing Guy When you're just starting to date, it's not like you're tracking a person's every movement. But look out for lack of contact. Is he in touch every day and then suddenly gone? Does he cancel plans? Does he suddenly want to meet up in an hour after not calling all week? Be careful. 3. Slick Guy This is the guy with the sporty car and designer toothbrush. He never lets women get close for the fear they'll find him out. So women end up feeling rejected when he was the one who sucked. If his life looks like a magazine spread, stay clear. 4. Rude Guy This is the guy who goes out on a date and spends the whole time checking out the waitress, messing with his BlackBerry and asking the cute bartender for her number. If a man lets the door slam shut instead of opening it, that's all the closure you need. 5. Grabby Guy He puts his hands everywhere. He drops sexual innuendos when you barely know each other. If you're not getting the respect you want, he probably won't surprise you with it later. 6. Last Year's Guy Don't go back to the ex. Move forward, not back. Know that it's better to be out there looking than stuck on a couch with some guy you're just going to wind up dumping anyway. He might be happy, but you deserve more.


05/04/2010 4:11AM
Men You Shouldn't Date
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