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Miley pole dancing video

Miley Cyrus pole danced at the Teen Choice awards. Did she go too far?

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08/11/2009 2:09AM
Miley pole dancing video
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08/13/2009 5:01PM
shakira ;)
Oh my lord... yes? I thought she took it too far with the outfit she wore. But the pole too? Im suprised Billy Ray and Trish enjoyed this performance. This makes me wonder...
08/21/2009 4:40AM
Lorenzo G
I think having the pole in it in the first place was stupid. I mean, I got the point of going back to her trailer trash roots but the pole wasn't needed if all she was gonna do is pretend to half-ass a dance on it. But hey, she'd 16 so I guess she's a woman in that part of the USA
09/08/2009 1:22PM
04/02/2010 8:24PM
DAMN when the show "Hannah Montana" came out i thought "hmm she looks like a nice, wholesome little ." but i would personally like to say"DUDE I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! EFFING !! SHE'S WORSE THAN LINDSY LOHAN!!!
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