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Monsters Vs. Aliens

Monsters Vs. Aliens (Rated PG) Gavin Grade: C+ I think this movie was pitched as a MUST to see in 3D, however compared to more recent 3D releases, I feel like it was a put-on.  The premise of the movie is that when Aliens attack the world the only force strong enough to stop them are Monsters that the government has kept secret for decades.  That plot screams adventure and action; plenty of chance to flex a 3D muscle.  But it was almost like the makers of the film didn't know how to flex it.  The real winner in this movie was the voice work from an all-star comedy team; ie: Seth Rogen, Stephen Colbert, Will Arnett and half the cast of "The Office" just to name a few.  The inside jokes that only adults would get run rampant through the story and result in a few legit belly laughs.  I definitely think that Seth Rogen, who plays a gelatinous character named B.O.B., steals the show as far as the jokes come.  Surpringly funny in the movie was Hugh Laurie, who you know better from Fox's show "House."  He uses his real British accent as Dr. Cochroach and shows off his comedy chops for once.  Makes me look forward to a comedy starring him at some point.  However, the movie itself didn't stand up to the calabir that its stars could produce.  It seemed like the voice work was an A+ effort but the director and other people making it were playing on a J.V. level.  I felt like I wasn't alone feeling that either.  As I looked around the theater, it seemed that halfway through I saw a lot of bored faces and yawns.  Even through the 3D glasses I could tell the eyes were glazing over, and yes I'm talking about the kids too.  It was almost as if the crew at Dreamworks knew they had a cash cow on their hands and just assembled a huge comedic cast of voice actors and then crapped out a story and slapped it together just to put out there and make some quick, easy cash.  I'd say I was wrong perhaps if the movie wasn't set up with a cliffhanger to set up a franchise before they were even sure how it would do at the Box Office


04/05/2009 10:50AM
Monsters Vs. Aliens
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