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My new favorite reporter!

We seem to be living in the Twilight Zone these days. Obama announces a massive $275 BILLION bail-out for the small percentage of Americans getting their houses foreclosed on them. Essentially forcing the rest of us to pay for their bad decisions. If we're really trying to spur the economy here, why are we rewarding those who are helping to bring it down in the first place? Schwarzenegger just raised taxes big time on us Californians mostly because the state wastes WAY too much of our money. What is going on here? This reporter Rick Santelli gets it.  Are you listening Arnold and Barack??  Stop taking our hard-earned money and giving it to people who don't deserve it!!  Stop rewarding bad behavior!! Watch the first 2 minutes or so of this video, it's great.  And notice how the in-studio reporter squirms at the fact that someone is actually daring to disagree with the massive new "stimulus" plan. And like I mentioned, it just got a whole lot more expensive to live in California. Thanks a bunch, Arnold and state legislature for screwing us again. Raising our taxes right in the middle of a recession. Brilliant!


02/19/2009 10:33AM
My new favorite reporter!
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04/08/2009 2:09PM
even though i'm still a young kid, i HATE Barak Obama! The high taxes we have to pay effects everything i do! this needs to end fast!
04/13/2009 4:27PM
emily the actress! :D
I LOVE OBAMA! ^^^ :]
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