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Myths About Twinkies

Here is the list one of our consultant's said was "good stuff" for us to talk about on the show: twinkie1 Myths About Twinkies 1. There's a myth that Twinkies aren't baked and that it's made from a chemical reaction that causes a cake-like material to foam up. It's then colored dark brown at the bottom to give the appearance of being baked. But that's not true. Twinkies are in fact baked and their primary ingredients are flour, sugar, and eggs. 2. Another myth is that Twinkies have a chemical used in embalming fluid which helps account for some of their extreme longevity. But that's not right at all. 3. Another myth is that a Twinkie will last longer than the cellophane wrapper they're wrapped in. In fact. After 25 days, Twinkies get stale and go bad like any other bread. Was this "good stuff?" Let us know in the comments below.

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01/19/2010 5:28AM
Myths About Twinkies
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