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National pride is a good thing!

I think we all got that feeling again last night.  That feeling of being proud of your country.  But not only that, seeing the images of the crowds gathering at the White House and in New York City let you know that you weren't alone in your feelings.  Too often in today's world people seem to go out of their way to mind their own business, not really caring much about what goes on outside of their own lives.  That's a dangerous trend as far as I'm concerned.  That's why I feel it's good to have events such as what transpired last night to bring back a sense of comradery with your neighbors as we share joint feelings of pride in our community or nation.  We had similiar feelings in September 2001 and in the weeks following, when the circumstances began unfolding which ultimately led to the offing of mass murderer Osama Bin Laden yesterday.  American foreign policy was dramatically altered that September morning 10 years ago.  The retaliation process that George W. Bush began almost a decade ago Barack Obama finished emphatically yesterday with a successful takeout of the terrorist leader.  Both men should be applauded for a job well done.  I also would like to stress that we shouldn't view this through a political lens.  This is not a Democrat or Republican success, it is an AMERICAN one.  For those who aren't fans of Obama, you must acknowledge his excellent leadership in directing the military to achieve this ultimate goal.  For those who aren't fans of Bush, you must admit that most of the tactics and techniques Obama used to finish the job were the very ones started during the Bush years.  What will be remembered as a victory for Obama will also ultimately validate everything Bush and Cheney had been espousing during their years in the White House.  After all, the key bit of information which ultimately led us to Bin Laden was extracted from a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, the very prison which Obama vowed to close the day he took office.  In hindsight, I think we're all thankful (including Barack himself) that he did not follow through with that promise.  So get out that American flag and wave it proudly.  Our military did us proud (like they always do!).  Our intelligence agencies, which I'll be honest, I was beginning to think were slipping, pulled through and found their man.  America still can accomplish what it puts it collective mind to, and we should absolutely be proud of this.  Where was go from here I will save for another blog, for now, let's just appreciate a job done.


05/02/2011 1:07PM
National pride is a good thing!
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