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No Hangover this weekend??

We're all waiting in anticipation for Hangover 2, scheduled to hit theaters Thursday.  We love the guys and all their hilarious antics, but there's a chance the Wolf pack won't even make it onto big screens this weekend!  Why?  Well, it has to do with a certain tattoo.  One that's on a famous boxer's face.  It’s reported that tat artist S. Victor Whitmill, who created Mike Tyson's well-known tattoo, is feeling a little touchy about Ed Helm's character sporting an obvious rip-off of it (which is evidently part of the plot).  And the fact that Warner Brothers Studios is using said image in their advertising for the movie.  It makes you think, who really has the rights in this dispute?   Is a tat copyright-able?  Technically the tattoo was a Whitmill creation (and he claims to have copyrighted it), but it's on Tyson's face, and the former boxing champ doesn't seem to have a problem with it.  Whitmill has sued the movie studio, attempting to get them to stop using his created image in their advertising and in the film itself.  Is it possible he could win the suit, forcing Warner to have to re-edit the tattoo out of the movie, which would of course delay its release?  Now I'm not really into tats myself, so I'm curious from those of you who are, do you think a tattoo artist should be able to legally "own" what is actually on your body?  You can leave a comment here, or better yet do it on my facebook page.


05/23/2011 2:11PM
No Hangover this weekend??
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