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Observe and Report

Observe and Report (Rated R) Gavin Grade: A- This new movie from writer/director, Jody Hill, is twisted, offensive, graphic...and I loved it.  Hill released a movie a few years ago called "The Foot Fist Way" and it starred Danny McBride (who also make a cameo in this film).  "The Foot Fist Way" was a movie about a delusional Karate instructor who has dreams of becoming something he'll never be.  "Observe and Report" stars Seth Rogen as a delusional mall cop who has dreams of becoming something he'll never be.  Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Hill seems to know a lot about these types of characters and their mental illness; and yes they are mentally ill.  In fact, in this they even tell you that Rogen's character "Ronnie" suffers from bi-polar disorder, and my guess is a few other things too.  Because Hill understands these characters so well, there are periods of the film that dive into very serious moments where you're unsure if you should laugh or not.  I love comedies like that, but I understand that not everyone does.  I get it, that this film is far from being a universally accepted film.  It's an unsafe brand of humor that is quite different from the Judd Apatow movies, ie: "40-Year-Old Virgin," "Knocked Up."  Both are offensive and extremely funny, but Apatow creates clear protaganists that you champion on and Hill's movies contain characters that make you uneasy about routing for them.  And in "Observe and Report" he punched those characters up by adding talent like Ray Liotta, Anna Faris (who is growing increasingly more sexy in every movie) and even a cameo from one of my favorite comics, Patton Oswalt.  I hope that Hollywood gives Jody Hill more chances to make more movies because I enjoy the return of complex, adult comedies with brains and hope to see more of them.


04/11/2009 6:55AM
Observe and Report
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