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On of our Giraffes at the Sac Zoo is preggers!

Congrats to mom-to-be Shani, a Masai giraffe who lives at the Sacramento Zoo!  She will be delivering a brand new baby giraffe at some point this November or December.  Chifu, seen in this pic with Shani, is presumed to be the father, seeing that he's the only male out of the 5 giraffes at our zoo!  It will be the first giraffe birth at the zoo since the 80's! 

For those who clicked through from my Facebook post, haha gotcha!!

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08/07/2014 3:33PM
On of our Giraffes at the Sac Zoo is preggers!
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01/09/2016 10:14AM
Shani the pregnant giraffe
Why hasn't shani had the giraffe had her baby it said she was due in November or December and it's now January I think she is way over due to have her calf
01/09/2016 10:17AM
Shani the pregnant giraffe
Is shani still pregnant
01/09/2016 10:21AM
Shani and her baby
When is shani going to have her calf
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