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Overused Phrases of the Decade

whatevs TheFrisky.com put out a list of the most overused phrases of the past decade. Check out the list here: 1. Wardrobe malfunction 2. Status update 3. Tweeted (as in “I just tweeted about that”) 4. “Cougar” to describe any attractive woman over the age of 35, who happens to be single, or any woman dating a man more than three years her junior. 5. The “clever” blending of two words to create one era-appropriate word, like “Staycation,” “bromance,” “Metrosexual,” “Recessionista,” and “Brangelina.” 6. “I just threw up a little in my mouth.” 7. Date Night 8. Getting anything “on,” like “getting my drink on.” 9. All IM- and text-inspired abbreviations: OMG, TMI, WTF, LMAO, ZOMG, and the granddaddy of them all, LOL. 10. “Hot mess” to describe anyone a little attractive whose sanity — or outfit — is questionable. i.e., Juliette Lewis. 11. The shortening of words — which we are definitely guilty of — like “whatevs,” “obvi,” and “totes.” 12. “That’s what she said.” 13. Seriously. Seriously? Seriously. 14. The word “amazing” to describe anything that isn’t actually amazing. 15. “That’s hot!” 16. Wuzzup! 17. Un/Friended (as in “I friended/unfriended him on Facebook”) 18. Beyotch 19. “Dude!” (As an exclamation or a greeting) 20. “What a douche.” 21. “Voted off,” thanks, primarily, to the number of reality shows that vote members off the island/out of the house/off the show. 22. “There’s an app for that.” 23. Sexting 24. “Like white on rice.” 25. “I’m over it.” For more go to thefrisky.com. What do you think? Comments below.

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12/16/2009 4:24AM
Overused Phrases of the Decade
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04/29/2010 7:25PM
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nice post. thanks.
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