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Real Excuses For Being Late

A CareerBuilder survey found that 16 percent of workers show up late to work at least once a week. 8 percent said they're late at least twice a week. In the survey, workers gave reasons for being late. Traffic was first at 32 percent. Lack of sleep was second with 24 percent. 7 percent said getting their kids ready for school or day care, while the same amount said bad weather. With that said, here are some of the real-life excuses hiring managers have heard from their employees explaining their tardiness: 1. I got mugged and was tied to the steering wheel of my car. 2. My deodorant was frozen to the window sill. 3. My car door fell off. 4. It was too windy. 5. I dreamt I was already at work. 6. I had to go to the hospital because I drank antifreeze. 7. I had an early morning gig as a clown. 8. A roach crawled in my ear. 9. I saw an elderly lady at a bus stop and decided to pick her up. 10. My dog swallowed my cell phone.


04/22/2010 4:12AM
Real Excuses For Being Late
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03/12/2011 9:50AM
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07/06/2011 10:11PM
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