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Repo Men

When you hear that there's a film out starring celebrated British actor, Jude Law (Cold Mountain), who just got done playing Hamlet on Broadway, and Forest Whitaker (Panic Room), who has been nominated for Oscars, you'd think that Repo Men is going to be Academy Award-winning quality but it's WAY not.  Repo Men is a horror/sci-fi/action film that takes place in the near future and centers around two guys who work for a company repossessing property.  Sounds boring, right?  But what if I told you that property was your organs?!?!  And that premise not farfetched at all.  The film preys on many timely buzz topics that make it stand out in the genre.  Corporations now will repossess your cars and house if you can't make payments regardless of the outcome it has on you and your family.  So why is it that hard to believe that in the future the government expands that same crippling insensitive business decision to synthetic organs that you purchase for tons of money at super high interest rates that you can't afford?  Not only does the movie parallel that theme, but it also deals with the self-absorbed obsession we have with plastic surgery and also class divisions too.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that it's got action, blood and humor too?  First time director Miguel Sapochinik does a great job with the tone of the film and not letting it get too dark and too serious.  The banter between Law and Whitaker is mostly sincere and jovial when they're not trying to kill each other with knives - the weapon of choice for this film.  The downside to Repo Men is a completely idiotic subplot that involves Law's character going through a divorce and falling in love and saving the life of a totally random character he meets in the slums, played by Alice Braga (I Am Legend).  This is 99% of what the whole second act is about and it's so boring and horrible that the film almost falls apart completely because of it.  Thank God the movie is almost two hours long because it gives it the time it needed at the end to recover from such a saggy midsection.  In fact the climax of the movie is so intense that most of the theater at my screening was wincing and groaning at what they saw.  There is more brutal violence in this movie than in most of the horror films that have come out in the last few years.  This movie is rated R for a reason!  If surgery-type violence gives you the heebie-jeebies then avoid this film like the plague!  But if you're stomach is strong enough to handle such stuff, and you kind of miss the sci-fi films that make societal statements about the world that exists outside the theater, than you won't be disappointed with Repo Men.  Just try your hardest to make it through the swamp of awful that is the middle of the film. Repo Men (Rated R) Gavin Grade: B Click here if you'd like passes to the screening for Hot Tub Time Machine

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03/18/2010 4:33PM
Repo Men
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