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SLEAZE February 24th, 2011

One of Charlie’s new ladies is a stoned cold fox… literally!... I’ll tell you what that means… CHARLIE SHEEN'S NEW GIRL IS "SMOKING" HOT Charlie Sheen's new girlfriend -- one of his "goddesses" -- is a stoned cold fox ... stoned being the key word. She is on the cover of a marijuana magazine holding a bong and was also voted “chronic girl 2010” Charlie contacted the editor of the magazine after seeing her on the cover and found a way to meet her through a mutual friend.  The editor says Charlie has been very romantic with her. KIM K's BIG MOVE Kim Kardashian wants to kick her career up a notch and become a serious actress. She is in talks to star in the new movie about mobster John Gotti with John Travolta. HAMMERED AT THE AGE OF 12 David Arquette says he first tasted alcohol when he was just 4 years old ... and started hitting the bottle hard by the time he was 12. He opened up about his alcohol issues while taping an interview with "Oprah" ... which airs Thursday. he's been sober since checking into rehab back in December. KAYTE AND KELSEY'S WEDDING Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh's wedding at the swanky Plaza Hotel this Friday could be the most LAVISH culinary display in history. The menu is so over the top that it is actually costing them $215.00 a person. GEORGE CLOONEY DRANK THE BONG WATER? WTF? George Clooney will never become President of the United States -- explaining, "I f**ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth." He was doing an interview for news week and he also said “I didn’t live my life the right way to enter politics.” He also said that he ever DID enter politics he would start by saying “Ya, I drank the bong water, now let’s talk about the issues.” JAIL AND JAIL A judge told Lindsay Lohan that if she strikes a plea deal with the district attorney she will be going to jail. Lohan’s lawyer was hoping to strike a deal that didn’t involve jail time but the judge is not allowing it. The actress will be back in court on March 10th, and at the time she will have to decide to either take the plea deal or go to trial.


02/24/2011 7:41AM
SLEAZE February 24th, 2011
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