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Gavin Grades The Movies

Sex and the City 2

Hi.  My name is Gavin and I'm a Sex and the City fan.  I'm not kidding.  I really am.  It started when I agreed to watch it with my fiance in return for her watching The Sopranos.  I was shocked when I really got into it.  I know about random Skippy in the first season.  I know that Burger was the worst boyfriend for Carrie.  I even remember when Steve first met Miranda.  Trust me, I'm a fan.  I feel like I must prove that so you don't think I'm just another Sex and the City hater blasting this awful movie.  When I heard that they were making a movie two years ago, I was surprised but happy because there were still unanswered questions, mainly, will Big and Carrie get married?  Well, they did and the first movie was great.  When I heard they were making another movie I thought, "Why?"  This completely unnecessary sequel starts off great.  A big fabulous gay wedding (won't say who gets married) that features the highlight of the movie where Liza Manelli performs "Single Ladies."  After the first hour of the movie, the girls get invited to Abu Dhabi for a business trip.  It's at that moment that the movie sinks into a quicksand pit of suck and never comes out.  First of all, who wants to see them in the Middle East?  The show is Sex and THE CITY not Sex and The Middle East.  When you remove the girls from New York City, it's not the same.  The same was true even for the show like when they went to The Hamptons, or Aiden's camping trip or the train ride across the country (see, I told you I'm a fan).  Manhattan is as much of a character as anyone of the girls are and when you take it out, you've lost me.  But that's only the beginning of the disaster known as Sex and The City 2.  The movie gets so lost in musical numbers (you read that right), stilted dialogue, lack of chemistry and corny puns that it makes the 2 and a half hour runtime excruciating.  Yes, you heard me right; this movie is almost 3 hours long.  Who do you think you are, Ben Hur?!?!  Just because you're filmed in the desert doesn't mean you're making an epic!  The movie is a mere shell of what made the show good.  Sure, it was about shallow, empty, materialistic girls who hump their way through season after season, but they also fell in love and developed real problems.  The real problems in this film are covered with such a poorly-made candy coating, it's stupid, not sappy.  Finally, the disastrous job that writer and director Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City, Will & Grace) did trying to make his point about the oppression of Muslim women needs to be addressed.  We all can agree that the way women are treated in the Middle East is barbaric and midlevel, but King actually makes himself look like a moron by offending the entire Muslim religion.  In scenes that are not only a million miles from funny and completely unrealistic, he mocks their culture to the point where it offended ME...and I'm not religious at all.  If the movie took place in Utah and he did the same scenes but involved the Mormons, this film would be protested by half of America.  Bottom line: time to hang up those Manolos, girls.  It's a shame the series has to go out like this...in a pitiful limp of what it used to be.  I had to go home and watch the show again just to get the stink off of me.  The few scenes that I did enjoy were ruined by the rest of the film...oh and also by the cackling, drunk bitches that sat in front of me too.  I had to yell, "Hey!, you're not in your living room, so shut the f**k up and watch the movie!"  It was so "Samantha" of me! Sex and the City 2  (Rated R) Gavin Grade: D

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05/26/2010 8:07PM
Sex and the City 2
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05/27/2010 1:43AM
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05/27/2010 8:55AM
Hey Gavin, I was listening to you talk about Sex and The City 2 this morning on the way to work and I was dieing. I wanted to call in sooooooo bad but I have never called a radio station before and definitely have never written to one before. I haven't even scene this movie yet and I already agree with you. I know I will eventually see it when it comes out on blue ray but I'm not dieing to see it by any means. I, like you, am a huge sex in the city fan but I didn't even like the first movie. I thought it was pretty wack in comperison to the show. I just wanted to let you know that I can't believe this movie is almost three hours long and is filmed in the middle east. WHAT THE HELL??? Anyway, just wanted to let you know as a sex in the city fan and someone who hasn't even scene the movie yet, I can already tell it is going to SUCK...Anyway, thanks for the entertainment this morning. Have a good one!!!
06/10/2010 7:47PM
Thanks Julie! You should call us some time.
06/20/2010 4:07AM
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