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Years ago, I worked with an older man.  He noticed that I had a tendency to get really angry and take my frustrations out by punching the wall.  The older man's name was Clyde and he gave me an important piece of advice.  Clyde said "when you start to feel angry, take a deep breath.  A good deep breath will help you stay calm and is the secret to a long, happy life. I just found out that Clyde died after an angry fight with the transplant board because they said he was too old to receive the double lung transplant he needed to survive. That's right, Clyde died angry because his lungs were diseased and he couldn't take a much needed deep breath. Go outside today.  Forget your troubles.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Take a deep breath. Don't forget why Clyde died. *even though it's not true.

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06/01/2010 6:26AM
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