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Shaved Bieber!

An application developer by the name of Greg Leuch is learning just how obsessed Justin Bieber fans really are. Mr. Leuch came up with the quite funny idea of creating an application that completely blocks Justin Bieber from your computer!  He named his creation "Shaved Bieber" (charming, I know) which allows internet users to have the option of hiding photos of the singer, as well as any related articles displaying his name.  He says he created the app all is good fun, mostly as an amusement to his buddies.  Well, ever since the release of this app, Leuch has recieved tons of hate mail and even a few death threats from crazed Bieber fans!  One girl even claimed she would run away from home if her mom installed the software on the family computer.  In an interview with Canada's QMI Agency, Leuch said that he came up with the idea after hearing buddies complain about the "Bieber fever" which has been sweeping the nation and world.  Friends claim that Leuch is taking the hate emails and death threats in stride and has been posting comments he has recieved on his twitter.  He hopes to create further apps in the future blocking artists such as Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears.  Funny.


06/04/2010 1:07PM
Shaved Bieber!
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06/09/2010 6:24AM
Girl on a Date
I can't find the rss feed?
06/15/2010 1:33PM
Lets face it Justin is the hottest thing since Michael Jackson. And just like Michael Jackson opened up his century with a bang. Justin is opening up this century with a bang justin is to this century what michael jackson was to his century. Its funny how it seemed that nobody made messed up commetns about michael jackson but now that justin bieber in the picture some people have to make some messed up comments. Anybody who has a problem with justin bieber is just jealous because hes only sixteen and he has more fame, talent, and money then they do. Justin is a really cool person just like everybody else. I for one am a huge Justin Bieber fan and I always will be.
07/30/2010 12:04PM
lobowhaq... lobowhaq...
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