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Siblings, Love, Imperfections

(The following is a poem by Jason) Siblings, Love, Imperfections I met an old man from Fresno He smelled like an old can of tuna. He wanted to talk to my closely, So I kicked him real hard with my Puma. I then met his sister named Rita She smelled like a bouquet of flowers She wanted to hold my hand tightly, But she was a nail biter and that grossed me out a bit. I don’t know why. It just did. Her hands bothered me. I guess I am a shallow human being who can’t look past fingernails that are chewed on and bleeding. Really? You can’t afford a nail clipper? She cries. Oh, I’m the stuck up one? I’m the jerk? Why? Because I have finely manicured fingers! You are just jealous Rita! Jealous! Your brother might be an old man from Fresno, who smells like tuna, but at least he’s not a jealous B**CH! I hope your fingertips fall off from infection!!!! Other than that, it was very nice to meet you. Sorry that there wasn’t a love connection. If you ever get your finger nasty fixed. I’d love to show you tons of affection. Oh, and tell your brother to shower.

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06/15/2010 6:24AM
Siblings, Love, Imperfections
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