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Signs He is WAY Too into You

Glamour Magazine put out this list of signs that the guy your seeing is WAY too into you too early in the relationship: 1. His Texts Read Like Inner Monologues, But To You “Hey, just walking to work, so nice out today, how’s it with you?” “Work sucks today, my boss is being a total jerk.” “Stew for lunch at the caf—so glad carrots are in season; what are you up to later?” U-n-s-u-b-s-c-r-i-b-e. 2. He’s Shouting It From the Rooftops The guy above was obviously so excited he was telling everyone he knew about his new relationship. Doesn’t bode well for his decision making abilities, especially in matters of discretion, for the future. I mean, you’re awesome, he should be excited, but there’s a point where it gets weird (and that point would be after your third date and his mom is saying “hi” to you). 3. He’s Dying to Meet Your Friends Let’s say you’ve had a couple great dates, and when he asks for a third you unfortunately can’t make the night he’s asked about because you have plans with The Girls. If his initial response is “Sounds amazing, what time should I show up?” the conversation with The Girls should start with, “I met this total stalker.” 4. He Has Your Summer Planned and it’s November Beware of the dude who begins picking out wedding china on your third date. If it’s super early, and he’s already talking about the trips you could take together, or how amazing his place on the Cape is, that’s a red flag. He’s trying to impress you with long range plans for 1 of 2 reasons: He wants to lock this down or he’s trying to bed you. Either way, order the lobster and go home alone.


11/03/2010 2:47AM
Signs He is WAY Too into You
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