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Signs You're Being Used

Check them out here: 1. SEX - meeting up at one of your houses, not taken on very nice dates, you will hear the words “why go out when I can just stay in with you”. You haven’t heard the words “I love you” or had a conversation about where the relationship is going- and you’ve been together and intimate for awhile. There are no photos of you together or alone on his facebook, cellphone and doesn’t mention you in his weekend plans on Twitter… 2. MONEY - this doesn’t have to be a S.O. this can just be a friend…who plans trips and asks you to put it on your credit card so they can pay you back, they seem to say “Oh I would go out this weekend but I have no money” hoping you will pickup the bill. At dinner they will offer to just pay the tip…When going someplace they suggest you drive so they don’t have to pay for gas, they borrow your things and say they will pay you back but never do… 3. Make some else JEALOUS - complete opposite of being used for SEX, this person will ONLY be nice to you out in public or on their facebook or social networking sites, But when it’s just you two the person might be preoccupied checking up on their REAL interest. Being this person will make you feel twice as stupid especially if you fall for them. Be aware if they move quickly and go public with your relationship faster than a normal rate… 4. SELF- ESTEEM - Similar to being used, this person might want to hang out with you or date you because of a status thing. If your job, your clothing, or your car are their points of conversation be sure that’s the only reason they are into you- to make themselves feel better. 5. CLIMB THE LADDER - they want to be you. OR if it’s a love interest possibly they are using you to get close to you and then take your job or your position even being recommended into clubs and organizations… 6. IMAGE - similar to being used for Self Esteem. How nice they are to you behind closed doors is a good indication if they really like you and aren’t just using you at parties because you are hot. Guys do this more than women- They like to be seen with the hot girl and for her to look nice in public but don’t put in the leg work to make the relationship worth anything.. 7. COMPLETION OR HAPPINESS - This can be obsessive behavior. They call you 20 times a day they text you constantly – they make plans with you way in advance and they only want you to hang out with them and become very sad if they can’t be with you one night. Warning signs may include moodiness, stalking tendencies, and guilt tripping…you shouldn’t be that persons happiness – that needs to come from with in


03/29/2010 5:41AM
Signs You're Being Used
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